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5 Easy Tips to fit into your Moeitelose Mooi outfit

by Christiaan Greyling on March 01, 2018

My wife asked me to write the blog for her website www.moeitelosemooi.co.za

1: Eat Breakfast – “Break the fast”

It is advised to eat Breakfast within 30 minutes after you wake-up.

Choose some Low GI Cereals or Fruit and Plain yogurt.


2: Cut on the Cold drinks and juice – Rather Drink Water or unsweetened herbal tea

Cold drinks and fruit juice contain a lot of sugar (added or natural).

A 500ml coke = 55g sugar = 11 tsp sugar (Do yourself a favour and measure out 11 tsp sugar).

If you compare the amount of sugar in your coke, it is the same as adding 5 ½ tsp sugar per cup of tea. Now that is quite a sweet cup of tea!

Therefore – Rather drink water or unsweetened herbal tea.


3: Cut on the Cheese – Eat more Vegetables

Cheese is known to be a good source of calcium and protein, but is often not eaten as a protein on its own. We usually add cheese on top of our proteins which adds unnecessary calories to our meal.

Rather have a Low GI cucumber and tomato sandwich than cheese sandwich with chips. (Normally the heavier the bread the more fibre try out the Low GI seeded breads)

Top tip: Plan out your meals for the day, pack your own lunch box filled with nutritious food which will help you make healthier food choices and is friendlier to your wallet.


4: Take the Stairs

Exercise is very important, try and ad some extra in your daily Routine, by changing your habits, especially if you don’t manage to get to the gym as often as you would like.


5: Be Thankful you can eat – don’t over eat

Rather eat 6 small meals per day instead of waiting long periods of time between each meal, and then usually end up over eating at the next.

Small meals regularly help us stay fuller for longer and send the message to our body that we don’t need to store fat before the next meal for energy.

Our body cannot use large amounts of energy all at once, and the extra energy is stored as fat. Our body also stores fat if we eat less regularly and space our meals too far apart.


PS: If you have any health condition please visit your registered Dietitian for a personalized Diet Plan

Written By: Christiaan Greyling – Dietitian – www.dietitians.co.za 


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